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WindowBlinds 10.87 Release Issue Report Thread
36 Replies
Compatibility issue with an app?
324 Replies
Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
3 Replies
WindowBlinds Changelog
0 Replies
WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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Which Color to Change
4 Replies
Start Menu Not Changing?
5 Replies
windowblinds upgrade does not skin firefox anymore
24 Replies
WindowBlinds and Microsoft Edge
8 Replies
Dark and black
8 Replies
Somes taskbar buttons are not skinned correctly after a fullscreen mode
3 Replies
WindowBlinds 11 planning
94 Replies
Taskbar and File Explorer not being skinned
3 Replies
1 Replies
Large start button showing in skin studio but not when applied
3 Replies
enabling Force Non Acrylic Blur makes window's lag
3 Replies
How to recover ready-made skins?
3 Replies
Firefox titlebar is no longer painted after opening a full screen video
5 Replies
(SOLVED) Will there be an update on taskbar right click menus?
3 Replies
Are there any (more) WindowBlinds skins in the vein of these Windows 7 Visual Stayles?
0 Replies
Help no text when right click on taskbar
2 Replies
Is there any Discord server or Forum for SkinStudio/skinning help?
5 Replies
Windowblinds doesn't skin Google Chrome correctly
11 Replies
WindowBlinds 10.84 to 10.87 Firefox Regression
6 Replies
Questions about SkinStudio
19 Replies
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