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Curtains 1.2 Beta Feedback Thread
11 Replies
Curtains 1.19.1 Issue Report Thread
26 Replies
Curtains Community Translations
4 Replies
Curtains Support FAQ
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Curtains Changelog
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Curtains for Windows 11 beta possible release date.
33 Replies
curtains on windows 11 22h2
11 Replies
Will a version of Curtains for Windows 11 be coming?
25 Replies
Windows Explorer crash when running MS Edge browser as admin
7 Replies
A setting I don't know where
2 Replies
Missing Features
13 Replies
Curtains vs WindowBlinds
46 Replies
Curtains and Start11 center taskbar options
10 Replies
border, blur / frosting / clear / acrylik When will it be in WINDOVS 10?
1 Replies
Some application Windows are not modified
3 Replies
"Simple" question?
1 Replies
I need some help.
1 Replies
Windows Titlebars are completely transparent
3 Replies
Congratulations, Stardock! You've messed up my system!
9 Replies
Windows Title Bar Heights
2 Replies
Minimize, Maximize and close buttons not appearing after awhile
6 Replies
Invisible text
8 Replies
I just wanted to say thank you to Stardock for Curtains
1 Replies
No transparent Taskbar
5 Replies
Can Curtains Change the Color of Scrollbars When in Dark Mode
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