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DeskScapes Public Beta Report Thread
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DeskScapes Changelog
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DeskScapes Support FAQ
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Activation error
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Deskscapes Wallpaper folder
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Display flickering/ flashing when changing backgrounds
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problem with no codec detected
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Feature Request
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Info pane does not show on the desktop in Windows 11
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Doesn't work with Windows 11
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Does not work on Windows 11
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Feature request
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deskcapes dont work
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different backgrounds for wallpaper and screensaver
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Multiple Playlists
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.Dream file plays sideways
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doesnt show win desktop and icons if another fullscreenapp is opened at the same time
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Deskscape 11: no more updates?
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Wrong screenshot
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deskscapes on win11 weirdly animating in slivers at the top of the desktop
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Screen resolution changed after applying deskscape, and now I cannot get the native resolution back
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