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December 2023 Desktop Screenshots WinCustomize Talk
27 Replies
Hidden icons behind Fences Fences
2 Replies
Groupy 2 automatic grouping in KiCad resizes windows Groupy
1 Replies
Fences 5 Upgrade FAQ Fences
103 Replies
Buggy taskbar buttons & badly scaled tray expander icon WindowBlinds
5 Replies
Fences 5 - Bug still exists - rollup Fences at the bottom of the screen do not survive a reboot Fences
9 Replies
LightStar Design Windowblinds Themes OS Customization
279 Replies
Start11 Start Menu Products
5 Replies
Ability to roll up sideways Fences
7 Replies
glitching WindowBlinds
17 Replies
Stardock Announces Start11 v2 Start News
119 Replies
AI Art Thread: 2022 Artificial Intelligence
151 Replies
NEUROSIS Community
10 Replies
START 11 Start Menu Products
14 Replies
Start11 v2 Start Menu Products
6 Replies
WindowBlinds 11.02 Release Feedback Thread WindowBlinds
24 Replies
Let's start a New Jammin Thread! Everything Else
655 Replies
Jumbled Icons on startup & Folder that doesn't remember its settings Fences
4 Replies
Automatically show fences on mouse over. Fences
3 Replies
Future Releases Announcement OS Customization
8 Replies
Lock Fences option not always available under View menu Fences
13 Replies
Error Message -7 WinCustomize Talk
6 Replies
Stardock Announces Fences 5 Fences News
62 Replies
Coming Back! WinCustomize Talk
33 Replies
How to change the color of text menu WindowBlinds
2 Replies
Start 11 V2 - Please make it possible to decrease width in Launcher style Start Menu Products
6 Replies
Is there software here that can eliminate the Windows 11 login screen? WinCustomize Talk
1 Replies
playlist DeskScapes
3 Replies
Fences 5.01 Beta Feedback Thread Fences
10 Replies
DeskScapes 11 Release Issue Report Thread DeskScapes
11 Replies
WindowBlinds has detected a problem WindowBlinds
3 Replies
Fences 5 loose icon images for store apps Fences
30 Replies
Fences need to unroll at the top layer Fences
1 Replies
groupyctrl preventing shutdown Groupy
19 Replies
Feature Request: Option to enable Middle Click Groupy
1 Replies
November 2023 Desktop Screenshots WinCustomize Talk
124 Replies
Fence 5 unusable (bug) Fences
3 Replies
WindowsBlinds 11 doesn't change taskbar WindowBlinds
26 Replies
SkinStudio WindowBlinds
7 Replies
Adding a App with Menu in Titlebar to a Group Groupy
5 Replies
Is AI taking over Windows 12? WinCustomize Talk
9 Replies
Fences folder opening compressed archives instead of usual programs Fences
8 Replies
different backgrounds for wallpaper and screensaver DeskScapes
3 Replies
I need a joke today Life, the Universe and Everything
229 Replies
Groupy 2.12 Release Feedback Thread Groupy
49 Replies
Icon size in Notification Area Start Menu Products
3 Replies
Fences 4 Fences
8 Replies
Fences 5 Release Preview Feedback Thread Fences
64 Replies
Start11 V2 Start Menu Products
15 Replies
Taskbar to the left with Start11 Start Menu Products
133 Replies
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