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Stardock has a new killer app: Groupy - organize your windows together 31 Object Desktop blogs
Forum update: November 2017 9 Forum Issues
Windowblinds downloaded (with errors) 5 WindowBlinds
Explorer.exe crashing when hitting Win + D 3 Fences
Start10: Using a Custom Start Button Image 1 Personal Computing
Clicking lag on desktop after updating to Windows 10 Creators Update 67 Fences
Fences folder list - problem with Win10 Creators Update 14 Fences
Compatibility issue with an app? 44 WindowBlinds
People will hit me, but..... 7,345 WinCustomize Talk
forum 'ban game' two 21,767 Everything Else
Fences Support FAQ 0 Fences
Sad day...HG_Eliminator has passed away. 22 Community
Malcolm Young has passed away. 6 Everything Else
COPD- what a bitch! 42 Community
Computer licenses 5 Object Desktop
Not ded yet 5 Skinning
Threadripper vs i9 37 Personal Computing
Automatic update folder 1 Fences
Feature Friday! Vantage WindowBlind by LightStar 5 WinCustomize News
I just love dogs 2 Life, the Universe and Everything
Bug? Black squares 2 Fences
When ? 6 ObjectDock
Feature Friday! Fall Color WindowBlinds by don5318 7 WinCustomize News
Logon and Expanded Themes 5 WinCustomize Talk
fences activation problem 2 Fences
Changing Windows 10 Icons with IconPackager 10 3 OS Customization
Prevent Windowblinds from writing to user files. 10 WindowBlinds
Firefox issue 4 WindowBlinds
freezes from time to time 4 Object Desktop
Marvel: The Punisher [Netflix] 0 Movies & TV & Books
Please let folder portals labels hide 2 Fences
Bugs: Fences renaming documents in fences, not moving icons properly 1 Fences
Desktop Icons Can't Be Moved (Win 10, Fences 1 Fences
Start10 panel width shortens... 16 OS Customization
Latest War Strategy, Online Ad Edition 10 Personal Computing
How to apply picture to Taskbar 0 WindowBlinds
re-set activations 2 Object Desktop
Bought Object Desktop, it's nowhere to be found in My Downloads 2 Object Desktop
WindowBlinds Support FAQ 0 WindowBlinds
Fences crashes after Win10 Startup 0 Fences
Winstep Xtreme At BitsDuJour! 5 Customization Software
The New Fences 3 - Now with Windows 10 support, High-DPI Capabilities, Roll-up Fences & more! 82 Fences
Task-Bar now transparent....... 5 WindowBlinds
Windows 10 Apps from Stardock for Under $5 2 Personal Computing
How do I get my money back? 10 Object Desktop
Icon text on right side? 4 Fences
Object Dock w Shift Key 1 ObjectDock
Back to School with Stardock's Object Desktop Suite! 2 Personal Computing
Explorer not closed properly error 2 Fences
Stardock has a New "Killer" App: Groupy - Organize Your Windows Together 2 Press Releases (WC)
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