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[Start11] [Suggestion] Taskbar segments
0 Replies
Taskbar to the left with Start11
142 Replies
Filtered folders
7 Replies
Start11: Unable to drag shortcut to first row or to another tab
12 Replies
Start11: Right-click tab to delete it and it is not deleted
26 Replies
Start 11 v2 Context Menu Font Irregularities
8 Replies
Taskbar doesn't show in Edge
2 Replies
Start11 v2 bug in placing Windows 10 tiles/icons
4 Replies
Win 23H2 Update broke Start Menu Options
6 Replies
14 Replies
Where do I start???
1 Replies
Toggle to show PINNED TILES or ALL APPS
2 Replies
Start11 First time user, multiple issues customizing (pics included).
2 Replies
Updating the full-screen start menu when screen orientation is changed
3 Replies
Start11 V2.05 German Problem Taskbar
2 Replies
How to expand the height of/number of programs in the Start11 menu's Windows 7 style?
4 Replies
Feature Request: Hide Group Titles
2 Replies
What happened to "LARGE" Start Buttons??
19 Replies
Start11 v2.05 Taskbar icons
9 Replies
Start11 v2.05
4 Replies
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