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IconPackager Changelog
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IconPackager v10.03 now available
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IconPackager 10 is Now Available
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Start Menu
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Icon doesn't apply
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Folder Icons in All Apps section of Start Menu
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FauxS-TOON IconPackager by mormegil
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Iconpackager is driving me CRAZY - Keeps Changing Icons Around
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IconPackager with windows 11??
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Download not verified
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Changes from version 5 to 10
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hit and miss
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Iconpackager annoyances
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Publishing Loose Icons
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Random Icon package
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Downloading-installing process?
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Can I get at the individual icons rather than wholesale icon assignment?
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Only changing the Small icons, not the other sizes.
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Iconpackager can't be fully displayed
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Icons disappearing from iconpackager, seems to only happen with one set, not sure why
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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343 Icons
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Change Icon Size
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