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THE 'support' forum
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WinCustomize, Accounts, and Downloading Issues
38 Replies
Product Registrations and You!
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How to get the best, fastest support
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Solutions to Common Support Questions
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Retirement of Several Stardock Applications
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Where can I find this skin?
11 Replies
WindowBlinds flashes on the screen for fraction of a second, then disappears
12 Replies
WindowBlinds won't load
7 Replies
Cannot enable Fences on Windows 10 after 3.10 update
3 Replies
Fences has detected that explorer was not closed properly
40 Replies
fences gone & can't activate Fences after a reinstall
4 Replies
WindowBlinds 11 planning
131 Replies
Release my cursor
7 Replies
Fences won't work or install properly after trial period expired
8 Replies
can I uninstall fences and install it again without buying it again?
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DeskScapes 11 issues
1 Replies
WindowBlinds Themes Heritage preservation
33 Replies
Organize Groupy tabs alphabetically
1 Replies
Won't Install
15 Replies
how can i disable the welcome page
14 Replies
Groupy not working
8 Replies
No suitable decoder found
6 Replies
Background of layout snaphots is black when switching to DeskScapes 11 beta
1 Replies
Background of Fences 3 is blurred with DeskScapes 11
7 Replies
2 Replies
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