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THE 'support' forum
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WinCustomize, Accounts, and Downloading Issues
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Product Registrations and You!
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How to get the best, fastest support
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Solutions to Common Support Questions
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Retirement of Several Stardock Applications
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Doesn't work on firefox
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CursorFX 4 and les application windows
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Black blank screen in Windows Server 2019 at logon
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Which Color to Change
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Fence don't work on Steam
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Start Menu Not Changing?
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French translation
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Beta 11 will not run.
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windowblinds upgrade does not skin firefox anymore
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Internet Explorer 8 or later is required to use this software??
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WindowBlinds and Microsoft Edge
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many shortcut missing
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Various small issues
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Can I change the location to which DreamMaker Pro Exports?
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Groupy and Windowblinds
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Mouse sticking to Tab
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Fences partially off screen
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Fence width can clip icon text
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Fence Labels Showing up in Start Menu
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Cannot group Citrix applications
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