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Object Desktop Manager Beta 4.02
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Object Desktop Support FAQ
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Groupy 2.15 Beta \ Object Desktop Insider Released
28 Replies
Fences does not respond to Activation input
2 Replies
Missing sound package
1 Replies
[Bug] No border on Groupy tab bar in the light mode
9 Replies
Start 11 v2 Context Menu Font Irregularities
4 Replies
Fences empty after turning on OneDrive desktop sync
1 Replies
WindowBlinds is not applying complete changes to windows
9 Replies
Wrong Icon and font size on desktop after installing Fences 5
1 Replies
Windows 11 new file explorer header update
10 Replies
[Request] Option for less rounded corners for top bar overlay and tabs
2 Replies
DeskScapes won't install
13 Replies
[Feature Request] Side view for grouped windows
6 Replies
11 Replies
Appearance Issue
4 Replies
How can I find the location of the language file for translating Stardock Fences?
10 Replies
Groupy 2.12 Release Feedback Thread
84 Replies
1 Replies
Fences 5 Rearranging icons within fences
3 Replies
Re-up discount
3 Replies
Can't install DeskScapes 10
27 Replies
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