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Object Desktop Manager Beta 4.02
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Object Desktop Support FAQ
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Saved Groups
1 Replies
Black background
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User feedback to Fences product manager
5 Replies
Start11 (fly-out menu style for "All programs")
2 Replies
Well dust off an old friend!
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Font weight of icons inside folder portal changes based on wallpaper color
3 Replies
Why theme isn't applied on cards in taskbar? (WindowBlinds) (Win10)
11 Replies
Is there any way to disable taskbar skinning in WindowBlinds?
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Fences No Rounded Corned in Windows 11 21H2 Build 22000.194
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Curtains transparency - not in the Start menu or vertical taskbar?
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Items overlapping
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1px gap between button background and frame top edge
8 Replies
Groupy vs OS language
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Two Instances of Fences Settings in Task Manager-Sept-2021
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Unable To Pin to Taskbar or Add Personalized Toolbars To Taskbar
2 Replies
Stardock WindowBlinds: Skins and Themes
50 Replies
New icons being placed behind fences
14 Replies
24 Replies
Title bar text is very tiny
10 Replies
Animated wallpaper preventing Windows 10 sleep?
18 Replies
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