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SkinStudio Tutorial by Vampothika
24 Replies
How to Customize Windows 10
3 Replies
Tips for Uploading and Moderation
23 Replies
WinCustomize Upload Guide
17 Replies
Tutorial List for Stardock Apps
1 Replies
Wincustomize Download Guide
44 Replies
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Update to CursorFX 4
6 Replies
Icons resufe to go into single Column
1 Replies
Will a version of Curtains for Windows 11 be coming?
25 Replies
SkinStudio dark explorer missing options
6 Replies
Saving modified skins
7 Replies
Hibernate not showing in Server 2022
6 Replies
Start Button
10 Replies
cursorfx issue
1 Replies
Files in the fences appear and are clickable through an opened window
3 Replies
Feature Request: Start11 Drag & Drop
7 Replies
How do I restart Fences?
2 Replies
Windowblinds option suggestion.
1 Replies
Request: Stay on Top option for fences.
1 Replies
LightStar Design Previews
112 Replies
Fences resize on startup
5 Replies
Start11 Polish translation
2 Replies
object desktop
2 Replies
I am still having the problem that on some of my touchpads/computers, I can't 2 finger scroll in fences
34 Replies
Title bar
3 Replies
Windows Explorer crash when running MS Edge browser as admin
7 Replies
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