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Fences V4 Wishlist
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Fences 3.13 Release Issue Report Thread
225 Replies
Fences Changelog
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Getting Started with Fences - 3 Part Quick Tips Video Series
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Fences Support FAQ
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Roll Up (From To Of Menu Bar Instead of Bottom)
1 Replies
Sorting and Organizing Type-based rule into a Fences Folder Portal
4 Replies
type based rules sort to Folder portal
1 Replies
Black background
1 Replies
User feedback to Fences product manager
5 Replies
Fences suddenly not working
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Fences 2.13 stays in Medium Icons
5 Replies
Font weight of icons inside folder portal changes based on wallpaper color
3 Replies
Fences No Rounded Corned in Windows 11 21H2 Build 22000.194
1 Replies
Items overlapping
7 Replies
Two Instances of Fences Settings in Task Manager-Sept-2021
1 Replies
New icons being placed behind fences
14 Replies
Error Trying to Update
1 Replies
24 Replies
Configure Fences missing from context menu (right-click) after purge and re-install
4 Replies
New Fences builds not playing well with other programs
3 Replies
Fences - New desktop items appear on random monitors
13 Replies
Windows boot configuration data file corrupted during Fences uninstall
1 Replies
Window 11 Fences moves to primary screen on booting
2 Replies
Desktop screen periodically turns to black behind Windows screen image
18 Replies
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