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WindowBlinds 10.87 Release Issue Report Thread
6 Replies
Compatibility issue with an app?
322 Replies
Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
3 Replies
WindowBlinds Changelog
0 Replies
WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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WindowBlinds 10.87 Beta Issue Thread
42 Replies
Windows Blinds Configuration Window Theme
20 Replies
WindowBlinds 11 planning
80 Replies
Taskbar apps buttons showing as default when returning to desktop
5 Replies
Why do people hate windowsblinds?
8 Replies
Blur effect from window frames disappearing
4 Replies
Can I hide the Command Bar / Folder Band in WindowBlinds skins?
2 Replies
Trying to learn how to make some Graphic stuff, help needed. (GIMP)
4 Replies
DWM and very High GPU usage.
12 Replies
Version 10.84 crashing
7 Replies
Can't edit style in SkinStudio
2 Replies
Font not showing up everywhere.
17 Replies
Alert Window BackGround and Mouse Over Colors
1 Replies
Adobe Acrobat DC Reader titlebar disappears
9 Replies
Windowblinds and Youtube
7 Replies
With a non-default theme, can't see/use the vertical scrollbar with PuTTY application
3 Replies
Full Glass in WB Vista theme.
5 Replies
Start 10 Start button unchangable
22 Replies
Old skin to WindowBlinds10
2 Replies
Blinds configuration from Object desktop
5 Replies
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