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WindowBlinds Release Issue Report Thread
14 Replies
Compatibility issue with an app?
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Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
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WindowBlinds Changelog
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WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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How to make windowblinds leave the taskbar and start menu alone?
2 Replies
Start search box to dark so text not showing.
15 Replies
A long comment onto Ms.Tatiora's post on Stardock Blog
6 Replies
HiDPI and other questions
7 Replies
white line in toolbar area
34 Replies
How to get "WindowBlinds" to open?
18 Replies
WindowBlinds 10.87 Release Issue Report Thread
38 Replies
Windowblinds not skinnig settings and other apps?
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3 Replies
News and Interests
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Any way to get WindowBlinds to respect Windows 10's dark mode?
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Firefox suddenly won't skin right anymore
10 Replies
WindowBlinds Precision skin
7 Replies
Random time interval
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[Request] Skin Actual Multiple Monitors taskbars
3 Replies
Desktop context menu
6 Replies
Firefox sometimes skins and sometimes doesn't
5 Replies
Some Nintendo Themes Don't Fully Work
5 Replies
WindowBlinds random wallpaper settings not changing wallpaper as set
4 Replies
Major problems with WB on Windows 10
27 Replies
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