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Tweak 7 Beta 2 Bug reports
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TweakVista Update?
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Error When Trying To Adjust Color of Glass Borders Using TweakVista
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Product Activation Error
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Desktop Tweaks
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REgistration problems
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Any reports of Vista Home not completing windows startup with Explorer.exe?
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TweakVista misses startup items in Vista x64 (WOW6432NODE)
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Install full version (OD user) without SDC or Impulse?
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TweakVista could not lookup information
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Inputting serial number??
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Initial launch of Tweakvista froze my laptop
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How do I uninstall this crap
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Lost Internet access
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customize interface??
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Who Likes to Sort Stuff?
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How Do I Use TweakVista Without Internet On The Vista computer?
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How do I update TweakVista from ver 1.00 to ver 1.10?
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TweakVista installation problem
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