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DaveBax - Wincustomize - Stardock
37 Replies
A Guide to WinCustomize User Levels & Promotion
130 Replies
WinCustomize: FRAPPR community
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Has Anyone Heard From Uvah ?
90 Replies
Would like to know your name. Re-posted 2019
143 Replies
Cancer Is A Monster
6 Replies
Theft Of Art at DeviantArt
9 Replies
Veterans Day Gratitude
13 Replies
Dave your a shining example of Bravery
2 Replies
AGAIN Free Software Today Only! AGAIN
2 Replies
Oh Poor
12 Replies
I Found Your Data. It's For Sale
2 Replies
Happy Birthday, Indy.
13 Replies
Thoughts And Prayers Needed Again!!!!
15 Replies
Lost and scared
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Iconpackager themes
28 Replies
Happy Birthday Wiz!
12 Replies
Uploaded wall image not showing up.(never mind) its there.
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Anyone remember Shmoopy?
5 Replies
Clocks and More Clocks. Lol
11 Replies
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 bundle (3pc) on sale 80% off
2 Replies
RedneckDude is Getting Older!
20 Replies
Personal Request
16 Replies
Tom... One of the greeatest people Ive ever met and certainly one of our most cherished members... IS OLD !!!
38 Replies
Bet this won't go over well.
17 Replies
Looking for tips on PSP Pro
0 Replies
2 Replies
You know its bad when......
10 Replies
Who Else Loves the Look of Good Old Windows 98?
2 Replies
How Can I Make My Box Look Like This?
0 Replies
Has Anyone Used This Before?
2 Replies
18 Replies
Other Good Wallpaper Sites?
5 Replies
I Love the Look of Windows 7 on my Windows 10 Machine
0 Replies
Does anyone know the actual link for UltraUXThemePatcher?
10 Replies
I finally finished my goal to make my box look like Win7!
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Has anyone used or heard of this software?
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WebGizmos Had a Heart Attack
22 Replies
John Fisher who we know as willistuder
25 Replies
To All Those We Have Lost......
44 Replies
Who remembers this
5 Replies
Cats! Gotta love 'em
5 Replies
Any malicious stuff on WinCustomize?
6 Replies
Any WindowBlinds themes that look like Win 8?
2 Replies
My long overdue departure.
55 Replies
Can't rate nor comment on skin.
2 Replies
I'm back
6 Replies
Inappropriate behavior
71 Replies
Community Managers for hire
7 Replies
Philly is (no longer) MIA
13 Replies
A Very Merry Christmas From All At Stardock.
15 Replies
sViz has a birthday...
5 Replies
Sad day...HG_Eliminator has passed away.
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