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Jun 23, 2013 Stardock Forums Changing desktop color in a skin - SkinEditor RayMitchell
Jun 22, 2013 WinCustomize Forums WB8 and Windows Color and Appearance App dxmc
Jun 22, 2013 WinCustomize Forums WB8 and Windows Color and Appearance App Wizard1956 Very helpful, thanks.<:)
Jun 21, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile ladyj55 na for helping an old gal like me
Jun 16, 2013 WinCustomize Forums SkinStudio 8 (7.9X beta) Issues and Recommendations Thread 2of3 Good catch!
Jun 01, 2013 WinCustomize Forums SkinStudio 8 (7.9X beta) Issues and Recommendations Thread bhast23 just cause
May 31, 2013 WinCustomize Forums WindowBlinds 7.9x (WB 8) Beta Issue Thread Wizard1956 Valuable input.
May 29, 2013 WinCustomize Forums SkinStudio 8 (7.9X beta) Issues and Recommendations Thread bhast23 for helping me out
May 28, 2013 WinCustomize Forums May 2013 Desktop Screenshots DPCloud
May 24, 2013 WinCustomize Forums SkinStudio 8 (7.9X beta) Issues and Recommendations Thread neone6 good idea ;)
May 22, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Wizard1956 na Great WB8 bug report. <:)
May 21, 2013 WinCustomize Forums May 2013 Desktop Screenshots RickJP Thanks nice blind as always
Apr 21, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 10 Leaked Features in Windows Blue (Build 9364) Cameochi Right on, LightStar re a 7 GUI
Apr 15, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Computer Problem DaveBax Thank you for your help on my "Computer Problem" thread
Apr 09, 2013 WinCustomize Forums NotePad - RELEASED DrJBHL
Feb 22, 2013 Stardock Forums Can't uninstall WindowBlinds leonidassemk        
Jan 20, 2013 WinCustomize Forums CONSTRUCT master skin was just uploaded TomRichter just because
Jan 09, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Start8 gemtauro1 For taking the time to address my Start8 query. Ta
Jan 08, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile kimjosborn na For nice reply to my PM a while ago
Dec 23, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Breeze 2 for WB7 TomRichter For being my inspiration. Many thanks,
Dec 20, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Helping WC Community Members Wizard1956 well, it appears that doesn't matter <:)
Dec 19, 2012 WinCustomize Forums sViz Has A Birthday sViz Thank you!
Dec 18, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Seriously. WTH is wrong with people? DrJBHL For showing empathy and compassion...what this thread was about from the beginning.
Dec 10, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Dracula - What was the last book you read? Wizard1956 As someone said, nobod with a life has time to read.<;)
Nov 10, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Metropolis WB - Work in progress. vStyler la la la la
Nov 04, 2012 WinCustomize Forums November 2012 Desktop Screenshots RickJP Glad you like them , great blind thanks
Oct 12, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Computer problem - no sound!! Wizard1956 Giving you credit where credit was due. <:)
Sep 19, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Lightstar is OLD!!! DPCloud B-day karma
Sep 10, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Pixelation of icons in Skinstudio Vampothika for knowing the fix for this problem!!!
Aug 11, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Is it possible to close the space after removing user account picture in the start menu? gmc2 just being a good sport
Aug 06, 2012 WinCustomize Forums LightStar's Profile Wizard1956 Precisely what I asked in his other wallpaper thread.
Jun 23, 2012 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile BlackDragon 17 na Inspiration - TY Appreciate the feedback
Jun 19, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Flamingo WB - RELEASED RickJP Nice job
Apr 26, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Transparency issues in WindowsBlinds Wizard1956 Talented -and- helpful, a good combination.<;)
Apr 01, 2012 WinCustomize Forums High School Classmate Now Famous! The Flying Penguins of St. George Island DrJBHL Thanks for having fun with us, Tom!
Feb 16, 2012 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile AceMatrix na grateful for your assistance
Jan 23, 2012 Elemental Forums Why the iPhone is made in China RavenX Amen brother, Amen!!!
Jan 21, 2012 WinCustomize Forums 1 pixel gap between windowframe and scrollbar--SOLVED k10w3 For helping me with my WB.
Jan 19, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Windowblinds not installed? SOLVED Wizard1956 Thanks for the tip.<:)
Dec 24, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Andromeda WB - Work in progress. Uvah Merry Christmas
Dec 15, 2011 WinCustomize Forums NTSB Wants Complete Ban on Mobile Devices While Driving Wizard1956 I agree with you completely.
Nov 30, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Christmas 2011 - Released! Wizard1956 Excellent WB! <:)
Nov 21, 2011 WinCustomize Forums WIP - Metropolite Xiandi Great name, thanks for the suggestion!
Nov 19, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Concept Thread k10w3 LOVE the concept!
Oct 21, 2011 WinCustomize Forums creating themes from .msstyles files ColdWarBaby Friendly, helpful and concise. A good combination.
Oct 10, 2011 WinCustomize Forums I blew it..... Trying to get access to WIFI. SOLVED Wizard1956 For your help in the wireless thread. k twice in one day and you earned it. <;)
Oct 10, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Computer Cases Wizard1956 CoolerMaster, I love mine. <:)
Oct 02, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Jimbo9294 Jimbo9294 Thanks for the birthday greeting.
Oct 02, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Hope and Change! ScottyInAtlanticCanada enlightened & knowledgeable
Aug 21, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday ZubaZ! Wizard1956 That was cool, I translated it with Bing. <:)
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