Autohide for objectDock ?

(Rocketdock setup.....) well more of it ported to object dock (without the CrashING)

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love rocketdock /Hate rocket dock....  , plus rocketdock is looking well abandoned......  


for my  needs I just want a fast set of quick launchers by category ,  rocketdock dose this fine , but with a Side order of CUDA lockup or rocketdock crashing or crashing my gpu..... and or o/s

however I bought Objectdock , if Autohide and turning off extra sh!@#$%^ err taskbar crapleet duplication ,  and making up my menu-folders to point to rather cake,

desktop stays cleaned off,   most icons gone ....  I could get the rocket dock like setup I gave a go , without the registry burning to a crisp from system crashing or app crashing.

Categories' for quick launcher-s menu/s  ADD a few clocks to the bar IE GMT+11 or +1 and GMT0



that'd complete the setup , bar on top auto hide like windows 8 charms , start8 on the bottom.....

anyhow , it's not about rocket dock per=say I bought object dock as a replacement (I had hoped ) for the now ailing rocketdock.

hopefully they'll add autohide as an option....

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January 5, 2015 8:52:25 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

hopefully they'll add autohide as an option....

Open OD Config and on the Home tab click on the dock and then on Accessibility.  You'll see  the options:  Regular, Autohide, Keep on top and Keep on bottom.

Is that what you are looking for?


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