MS Office Online is Free!

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It isn’t exactly as fully optioned as the original MS Office, but for most folks is just as good…

There are some solid reasons to use it:

  1. It’s free, like LibreOffice or Google Docs.
  2. You can access your documents from anywhere. They’re all on OneDrive. You can save them to your machine too.
  3. Collaborate and share documents in real-time…just invite them. It even beats Office 365 this way.
  4. Easy cross platform compatibility…with anything that runs a browser.
  5. Simplify your workflow: No folder navigation. Fewer options, therefore less confusion.

Oh yes…you also get 15 Gigs free storage for documents created by Office Online.

Also, you can use lighter, simpler machines to create your documents.

It’s pretty much the same as Google docs by way of options and tools…so if you’re using Google and a Chromebook, I wouldn’t see a reason to switch.

If you’re used to Office, though…here’s a way to save and get your work done at the same time.

Anyway…thought I’d let you know.


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