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skype icon in object dock doesn't notify

By on June 23, 2014 5:48:04 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums


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I have seen a lot of messages about dynamic icons that don't update in the object dock, but I haven't seen an answer yet. I use Skpe at work all the time and I added it to my object dock but when I get a message from a team member or my boss, the Skype icon in the object dock doesn't flash or give any indication that I have a new message. The Skype icon in the Windows taskbar will flash off and on, off and on, ... to let me know I have a new message. I've found object dock very useful, but without a notification feature in my Skype icon I miss important messages.

I haven't seen any response from the Stardock team in my searches for this and similar issues so far. From what I've read here, this appears to be a general problem for any application from which notification is expected in the object dock). Maybe they responded to a previous message about this general issue? Maybe this issue isn't on their radar at all?

Can anyone comment? If not, I will have to decline purchasing object dock (I'm using the trial version currently).

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June 23, 2014 9:04:23 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

One user has seeking the solution as well :


If that method doesn't work,you will need a docklet that specifically written for Skype I afraid. 

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