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By on November 14, 2013 5:25:37 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


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Anyone else getting it?

I've primarily been a PC gamer, but I've kept a console each generation for the games that are exclusive to consoles. I was an xbox guy last gen, but going Playstation this time because I feel Sony made the right decisions this time. Plus, I love my Vita!


How about y'all?

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November 15, 2013 12:34:57 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

while you bought it and   it
i would  rip it apart and punch it with a  

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November 15, 2013 7:26:55 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Uh, why?

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November 15, 2013 9:22:10 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

I hope you dont take this personaly since that isnt my goal i just want to show the main reasons why 
In some cases folks will have different opinions i just speak for myself here with the perspective of improving the visual experience of gameing

several reasons...

The main reason why I don’t like em
1.Quality of Gaming as it is today

PS XB will once again last several years, while it holds – compared to modern rigs outdated hardware  

2.The company will milk the product until there is nothing more to squeeze out of it and that may take a while if you calculate the lifetime of PS3 and XBOX360 (NOV.2006)(NOV.2013)
Until then-(Next GEN) there will be no movement towards higher quality in games
3. 4K stands ready does the station handle 4k ? I don’t know I doubt it…

4. To run real time rendered games on it, it would require more power (better hardware) but the hardware isn’t up for the that won’t be possible for another 5 years YAY
That will have an effect on developing-and ties to reason 1
Gaming could be close to realism if you take a look at real time rendered concepts of games...
Since the most developers build games for stations and then these get ported- the folks on pc will have no real advantages from these games… fallback in the industry for the PC market as well ( who buys triple titans to play a ported playstation game that doesn’t even require half of the cards processing power ? not speaking of new cards in the making…) OK- maybe with Dx11 Physx and all the goodys cranked up on a ported game it will require more of the card but the card would never move close towards full load.

While PC is obviously the better option to achieve movement tech wise. (Im a person that looks onto graphics in games i don’t actually care about the monotone gameplay- while not every game is monotone but the best games i have seen in the past were indies to be honest)

But a Game should offer visual stunning experience at least that is what moved me to play them since i was a kid)
But with limited hardware and paying customers ( While i know and agree that it’s a better option to just invest once into a station and play rather than invest way more in a always up to date rig) there will be no real progress visually.
Unless they would build a station that is UPGRADEABLE.
I hate the fact that Industries throw logic overboard and only see $ while there could be the movement to better games that people would also invest money into no matter what platform they come from.
A example – look at GTAV – it has decent graphics but a real time rendered game as it can be done today on high end rigs isn’t close to comparable… If people would actually be offered games like that and developers would be paid to make such games instead The masses would buy PC Sony and MS would be forced to move with the masses.
(someone can probably explain better what I mean with that argument then I can, my English isnt up for the task and in the back of my mind someone called out redundancy several times already  

5. Until they make use of "modern concepts"- to at least upgrade the station itself and change the EULA to actually mod the station legally i dont care about DRM free games from 1st party studios...
Progress will stand still on the day the station is released and I think that is today isnt it ? PS4 release i mean.
You can squeeze only so much out of games until you reach the point the station cant handle it anymore then you have to reduce pedestrian counts, environment like trees grass and  so on, smoke effects, physx effects, particle flow, and to reach that point there isnt that much puffer for the now released gen of stations..

Gamers that crave for improvements every year will understand.
unfortunately many people don’t see it this way so Sony and MS can continue like they did before
The average consumer is happy because he can play games without frame drops and the company gains money...
But the consumer shouldn´t expect dramatically improvements until the next gen knocks on the door.

All it now takes now is a phoneblocks inspired station to hit the market…with enough brands to back it up
While im sure that there is enough money circulating  to stop that from happening…
I cross my fingers and toes to be wrong on that…

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November 15, 2013 10:51:51 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Ever wish you didn't ask "why"?  Anyways...


I've been a long time Console player.  I got my 8-bit NES when I was 7, (it was bought with drug I didn't sell the drugs, I was 7, golly)  I come from a poor, really poor family and never owned a PC until I was 25.  I love both PCs and Consoles, and there are many games that I prefer to play on one but not the other.  


I also was Xbox last generation, and the generation before that.  I feel I made the right choice, but I am more inclined to go for a Playstation 4 this time around.  Looks like it's the better machine, but I haven't ultimately made up my mind yet.  Early games are usually not that great and I haven't seen any killer apps yet to make me really want to buy either console yet.  I will probably wait a year or so. 

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