WinCustomize skins to make Win8 look like XP?

Turning the clock back 12 years...

By on November 7, 2013 10:12:29 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums


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So my Dad is... well... a nostalgic fellow. He hates change, and so now that his machine is dying and he needs to get a new one, he hates the idea of using the Windows 8 interface. I've seen some great start menu replacements and boot-to-desktop hacks to make a Win8 box more like a Win7 machine (that's what I do at home) but I wonder if there are any skins to make a Windows 7/8 machine look more like Windows XP.

Thoughts? I know I could set him up with a virtual machine but I'd rather not do even more tech support for him than I already have to.

Thanks, Aidan

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November 7, 2013 10:25:14 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Hi aidan77474,

Here is a screenshot of how I made Windows 7 look like XP. It includes the elements to build the XP themed desktop. Good luck on your search. Let me know if this helps.



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