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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to take a minute to show you all a game a friend and myself have been working very hard on. It's an online sci-fi based simulation game where the players are all on a research facility located on a distant moon. Primulus is heavily inspired by Space Station 13 for those of you that have heard of it.

Basically, you're one person in a research facility and you have a job to do. Your job depends on what role you chose at the start of the game. The players work together and the game is basically a simulation of all the players doing their jobs. It may be your job to explore the surface of Primulus in a hard suit to protect yourself from Primulus' harsh atmosphere. However, as the round progresses there are lots of things that can go wrong. Each round a random game mode is chosen and the events of the game pan out based on that. For example, the game may dedicate a handful of players as traitors to the facility and spawn them on their traitor ship somewhere else on the moon away from the facility at the start of the round. They're assigned a task and it's up to them on how they wish to complete it. They can sneak into the facility and disguise themselves as an employee to gain access to where they need to complete their objective. Or they can all go in gun blazing and force their way to complete their objective.

Everything in the game can be interacted with in some way. We're quite passionate about this project and really excited to be working on it. Check out the game at:

Feel free to ask questions. Thank you all for your time!

I'm also quite excited to learn that Stardock is located here in Michigan. I've all but given up hope of having tech companies here. I'm even more excited to know that it's Stardock of all companies.

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