Deskscapes crashing when applying certain dreams

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Upgraded to Windows 8.1. I have tried both the original and Beta version of Deskscapes. I used to use Sharks007 codec pack, and have now tried Klite, windows 8 codec and a few others. My issue is that most dreams work well, but there are a few, particularly dreams by "Cha-ninja" that when I click on them in the deskscapes config window, the app will crash. The only dreams of his that will work with Windows 8.1 is insidious and sub zero. The odd thing is that I have my laptop that was upgraded to Windows 8.1 with an older version of shark007's codec and I have no issues. The computer I am having issues with is a custom PC I built which is a I73770k on an MSI board with 2 Titans in SLI. I have tried disabling SLI and running in compatibility mode, with no luck. Any advice?

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