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On the Settings -> Advanced Tweaks there is the ability to toggle the state for "When shortcut is run, if program is already running bring it to the foreground only". When you select it it says that it only works on docks with indicators, and does not work on tabbed docks at all. I have it selected because that's the way I want my main dock to work.

I've just set up a second, tabbed dock and it's behaving the same way, which is NOT what I want. I have a bunch of icons in there to run mintty (a command shell under Cygwin), each with a different set of parameters. If I click on the icon I want it to run, without exception. It works the first time, but if I try to have two running at the same time, the second one merely shows (or minimizes) the first one, even if they're different shortcuts. If I close the first one then the second one will start the program as it should.

Am I doing something wrong or not understanding something? Or is there a bug in the program?

Windows 7: Version 6.1 SP 1




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