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I would give my left kidney for stardock IOS... But: (Open letter to Brad)

By on October 5, 2013 1:31:48 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums


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Dear Brad,

i'm a frickin big fan. I think I own every Galciv and Elemental Game there is. I totally buy your stuff because you are very honestabout what you are doing. 


Then i had a year of Windows Gaming abstinence and heard about your first IOS Game. I read a quick Review to make sure its still great stuff. Reviews sounded Great so I spent the 2€ for your Game. I totally like it. I could live with the pay-2€-to-Level-faster, which I didnt spent because i thiught i bought a non freemium game. I enjoyed the leveling/toutorish aproach up to the Moment my "Canon trait" suddenly "expired". Suddenly the Game feels One of those countless Pay-to-enjoy Games. 


I am disappointed.

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