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Since Fences went from good to `"meh its alright" and needs fixing especially on cold boots ( startup)...
I thought it may be a good idea to suggest something that i and as i think other people want to see in an upcoming release as well.

Im speaking of the ability to color each Fence in a separate color!

I often find myself in the situation that i move my fences - And since they all have the same color and i blend out the title of each fence to just show when i mouse over its quite hard to work with them efficient- at least that is for me.
That is why I´d like Fences to go from the old "good" to PRO!
That could be achieved if you were able to give each fence a specific color.

WHy? Simply because you find stuff faster...

A good example: When i did prepare myself for a longer trip, and i knew i would need to get to something quickly in my "Bergen"
I learned to have different colored bags to carry important stuff to find the stuff that was needed quicker.
This is something that saves you time and makes it way easier, and i think this can also be used for a desktop.
Fences is no backpack -i know that but the point stays the same having each fence in a different color or the ability to have them like that, would improve workflow and give the user more freedom in customization. 
Would be more than amazing... I certainly would appreciate that and i guess im not the only one that would.

So could you add this in the next point release?
And fix the startup issues within win8 ? 

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July 14, 2013 10:54:54 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Ups just found out that this is already possible...
(Per Fence customization)  Badass

Now i only need some fixing done so that my fences actually load on startup.


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