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Mark Phelps

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I spoke too soon about WB8 final fixing everything ...

I visited a site today I hadn't visited in a long time and attempted to download something -- when I noticed that the radio buttons no longer display in the dialogue box:



So, I unloaded WB and saw that they did then display:



I tried several different themes -- and got the same results each time.


Thinking this might be a conflict with my recent upgrade of Start8, I uninstalled Start8, rebooted, tried again -- and got the same results.


So I tried all the same (with and without Start8) with WB 7.9 -- and got the same results.


These are dialogue boxes from FF v22.0.  I tried to replicate this with Chrome and with IE 10 -- but they don't put up dialogue boxes with radio buttons, only FF does that.

UPDATE: Remembered that I had setup FF to do automatic updates, so I uninstalled FF v22 and reinstalled FF v21 -- and the problem has vanished!  So, apparently, this is a problem with FF v22.

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