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Hey guys,


I would really like to get this dream I have (thanks CarGuy1!) running on dual monitors, but for the effect I would like them to be at different points in their running time. For an example of what I mean watch here:

(skip to 00:42 and look at the two outer monitors)


See how its the same dream, but they are running at completely separate points in their running time? That is what is confusing me right now. Did he edit the file to start at a different time? Or is there some setting in Deskscapes that will allow me to do that. At the moment I am using a trial of Deskscapes (I just discovered it after purchasing Start8 through Stardock), is the trial limiting or am I missing something else?

Thanks in advance guys!

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June 16, 2013 10:43:38 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

DeskScapes 3.5 would allow you to run a dream on seperate monitors at different timings and the newest version will not.

The video you are pointing to was created before DeskScapes 8 came out so more than likely 3.5 was the version they were using.

There is a way around this so you can do what you would like to do... go to your extracted dream file directory and copy the enterprise 2.2.mpg file to your desktop, open deskscapes and drag and drop the file into the program. This will give you two to choose from and set individually to each monitor.

In Win 7 the extracted files go into the following directory... C:\Users\All Users\Stardock\DeskScapes\ExtractedData

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