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Have been using Fences since it's inception and am finding it's really helped organizing my daily workflow and is generally convenient.

Am using Fences 2.10 on a Win7 Pro 64, and use the most current Windowsblinds and Icon Packager.  I utilize two monitors. (1) 2560x1440 and (2) 1920x1280. I keep 3 active Fences on the right hand side of (1); they run in a vertical line. 

However, after a recent windows update two of my Fences disappeared entirely. I did not move them manually, they were not on a different 'page' (or monitor) and the snapshot recovery did not visibly load them. I had daily snapshots from the last three days that showed these Fences missing, which I found extremely bizarre because the Fences were there last night before I went to sleep and had been since I made them.

Having checked my desktop via Windows Explorer, I could see that nothing was deleted, as the folders that were in the missing fences were still on the desktop even though I could not see them outside of explorer. I began a frustrating run of triple checking all of my Fence settings (which were still all default from install). Troubleshooting was as many things as I could think of... everything from simple hiding and un-hiding to a full reboot. Unsuccessful.

Even so, I was able to resolve the issue by using the 'Perform Automatic Layout' function.

This was really unsettling though, because I have no idea how to replicate the issue, much less a way to recover my Fence layouts without (figuratively) destroying them.

Here's a screencap of the Restore Snapshot Window from April 23 that accurately depicted my setup (as well as the missing fences), and one after the auto layout fix. (right click and open in new tab)

Screencap 2

(apologies for the blurred folder names. I'm a game developer and have some sensitive file names on my desktop)

Any thoughts on what may have happened?
Also welcome any changes to default settings that may help prevent a future layout issue!


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