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First off, I love the DeskScapes8 software. But, one of the biggest problems I'm finding with the software is there is no way to have real world data input in an active theme. Like it would be nice to have the earth with real cloud coverage images. It would be nice to have inputs like the temp or cpu use from your computer.

Because I can't use this as anything but eye candy, I have rain meter running on 1 of my 2 monitors. This allows me to have real world data in one of my screens, and have the themes from this software running on the other screen. (I have the screen behind rain meter black so I can see the real world data)


Anyways, I'm running into a problem where I would like to run a few themes at random. I can't do it unless if I have the software running the themes at random on all monitors. The problem with this is I need the rain meter background to be black so I can see the weather, time , processing power, etc in a glance.) So, I'm requesting 1 of 2 or both things happen. 

1. Please make it where you can run only 1 theme or background on 1 screen while you can run multiple themes at random on another.

2. Please have it where you have some of your themes (IE please make some themes) that can show data from the real world in real time. (Weather, time, etc)



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May 23, 2013 9:22:13 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Yes, I too am missing the random on one monitor option. I used to have videos on 2 monitors, and random wallpapers on 2 other monitors. Now I'm stuck with a single wallpaper, unless I want to randomise all my monitors

It would also be great if we could have multiple randoms, separate from each other eg. Have randomised wallpapers on one screen that change every 60 seconds, and randomised wallpapers (or dreams) on another screen that change every 5 minutes.

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