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I really LOVE the program START8 with Windows 8. I rarely ever buy software anymore because Sourceforge always has great free software that is excellent. I even used another similar program that emulated Start Button/menu that I got from there but Start8 was much much better. Anyway I tried another program called ObjectDock. Replaces the taskbar in a way. This little program seems to be very cool and I really love some things about it. What is really making it hard to use is I cannot tell what programs are already opened AND how many of them. I do not use tabs when I'm browsing the Internet. I'll use Google Chrome with NO tabs, so I use all windows. Every time I open or go to another web page, I open up another window. I only open up about 5-7 pages max. With objectdock it has been very hard to switch between these windows. With the traditional taskbar all you would need to do was select the appropriate task on the bar. With 


Ok, as I was writing this I found out the setting to mark which programs are open. Now I see a little triangle under the icon that is open. So the only question I have is how do I know how many programs are open of a certain program and how do I switch between them using object dock? I know I can use ALT-TAB to switch between windows, but want to know how to do it with objectdock. I would like to see the open programs on another dock all lined up by themselves, so I can click on which ever one I want to at the time.


Any help  on this issue or question? Thank you.




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April 24, 2013 9:25:32 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Let me see if I understood your question.


Let's say I have 3 Powerpoint files open.

In the dock I will see the Powerpoint program icon with the "program running" indicator (your setting is for the little triangle).


If you hover your mouse over the Powerpoint icon, you will see three pop-up mini-windows appear - each one represents one of the open Powerpoint files.  Each little window shows a "snapshot" of the application screen so you can get a better idea of which is which, and the window title is shown too.


To select the file you want, just click on it.  You can also selectively close any instance by clicking on the red X.


Does that answer your question?  BTW I am using the full version of ObjectDock - not sure if this feature is in the free version.

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