Descapes 8 Hangs Windows 8 Explorer

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I have three user accounts on my desktop PC running Windows 8, one for each member of my family. My account is the only one that runs with Administrator permissions. When I login to my account everything works as advertised (as far as I can tell). When either of the other accounts are used. Windows 8 Explorer hangs. What happens visiually various depending on action taken. If you hover mouse over 'Show hidden icons' icon on taskbar, the Windows 8 clock is shown. If you do nothing, you could wait several minutes before the hang clears. Sometimes the desktop hang never clears. If after a minute or so, you click on the taskbar, you can cause the desktop to blank out (ie. solid color of startup background without tiles), and then reappear with the desktop icons and fences rebuilding. Another symptom is the failure and restart of Logitech Setpoint with an MS Visual C++ runtime error message. Apparently Setpoint is sensitive to a hung Explorer.

Reviewing the event log:

2013-04-02 10:02:00 PM    Software Crash    SetPoint.exe    C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\SetPoint.exe    SetPoint.exe,, 512581a9, MSVCR90.dll, 9.0.30729.6871, 4fee6073, 40000015, 0005beae, 1b8c, 01ce3016b021569e, C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\SetPoint.exe, C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.6871_none_50944e7cbcb706e5\MSVCR90.dll, d9dd321f-9c0a-11e2-afd7-0022150df586, ,     

2013-04-02 10:01:57 PM    Software stopped responding (hang)    Explorer.EXE    Explorer.EXE    Explorer.EXE, 6.2.9200.16433, 818, 01ce30169da3ca94, 0, C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE, d78d1842-9c0a-11e2-afd7-0022150df586, ,     

2013-04-02 9:54:49 PM    User Logon  

after the user logs on, Explorer hangs, a WER dump is performed, and as far as I can tell, Explorer restarts. SetPoint being sensitive to the Explorer hang (and I add, not the cause of the hang) fails and restarts.

To troubleshoot the problems I rebooted the PC several times, disabling services each time until I isolated the DeskScapes 8 program as the cause. With DeskScapes disabled, the is no Explorer hang, failure or restart.

Any ideas?

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April 3, 2013 10:10:10 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

I'd imagine [and I don't use multiple users] that if DeskScapes works for you as Admin but not for the others then it's to do with permissions re the install.  If perhaps you log into the other accs and set DeskScapes to run 'as Administrator' then it might be solved...

Failing that...I'll see that Support catches this thread...

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April 6, 2013 3:06:30 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Deskscapes runs as a Windows 8 service and starts at Windows startup. I don't think the service is stopped and restarted when a user account is switched, or started when the logon takes place. So whatever state it is running in at startup, I assume that is the state it is running in when an administrator and non-administrator is logging in. I am not aware of any option to identify a Windows service as specifically starting in administrator mode. And if you hypothetically could, and the service were to start in a non-administrative account, you would then be faced each start with the UAC prompt to enter an Administrator password, which would make Deskscapes a nuisance.

I recognize that the majority of users may be running computers with single accounts. I have a post in the Fences forum, which points out the eventuality that the changing Microsoft business model will make it difficult for a computer to be shared without each user (eg each member of a family) having a separate account. For security reasons, it would not be realistic to run all accounts with administrator access.

I should add to the Fences post that the Microsoft endrun of their business model may be to make sharing of a computer and its apps so cumbersome that the only solution is to have everyone having their own pc, tablet, etc. They can then charge yearly subscriptions for all their software by user instead of by device.

Until we all have our own devices, and a pc is not shared, it is important that PC software such as Stardock is selling, runs reliably in a multiple account pc environment. The problem I have identified in the Fences postings and this one must be resolved or else the buyer should be advised before purchase that the program does not run reliably in a multiple account environment.

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