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I'm in need for the Windows 8's System/OS drive icon to complete a transformation kit I'm working on.

I couldn't find this icon anywhere, but found few ones on the internet but they're not the original one and not properly done.

Anyway, this should be fairly easy to anyone who's running Windows 8.

This is the icon I need:



We need a resource editor for this, you can use any resource editor of your choice, but I'm using Resource Hacker which can be downloaded from Here (730KB)


1. Go to: C:\Windows\System32 and copy imageres.dll file to your Desktop (to be safe).

2. Open the file you just copied in the Resource Editor.

3. The icon I need is located under Icon Group > 36 > 1033

4. Right click and Save Icon Group like 'anything.ico'

. Upload it and post the link.

That's all.

I'll be very grateful if you do this for me, thanks in advance.


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February 13, 2013 12:29:29 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Request fulfilled.

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