Some books I have thoroughly enjoyed

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I didn't read through all of the topics here so i am more than likely repeating a few of these titles - but at least I will give them some additional props.

  1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  I envy every person who has yet to read this book.
  2. Daemon by Daniel Suarez.  Same as above.  So good.  So good.
  3. REAMDE by Neal Stephenson.  I loved Cryptonomicon and this is just another great read from Stephenson.
  4. The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.  Plus his standalone novels.  Great stuff.  The Bloody Nine!
  5. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.


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February 1, 2013 6:00:09 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Glad to see someone still read books.

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February 2, 2013 3:07:08 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

I was reading a few chapters of Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson this evening when I started to think about other post-apocalyptic novels I have loved...

  1. Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard.  Love this one.  I pick it up every few years to re-read.
  2. The Postman by David Brin.  Such a good story..  Love it.
  3. I am Legend by Richard Matheson.  Mostly a story about man living in isolation. Very good.
  4. The Stand by Stephen King (also The Dark Tower series.  Not exactly PA but close in a way)
  5. This one is definitely not PA but I love it - and I must have first read it around the time I first read Battlefield Earth because they always pop into my mind at the same time:  Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein.
  6. I forgot to include Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis in my first list.  
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February 2, 2013 4:08:59 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

All the works of Sir Terry Pratchett (39 Discworld novels, 18 other).

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February 2, 2013 5:35:18 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

All the books from R. Scott Bakker's Second Apocalypse I always recommend these, they are probably the best fantasy series I ever read. Some very "mature" content, but not just for the sake of it. A lot of philosophy which you need to keep up with while reading, but it makes the books so much better.


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February 5, 2013 5:11:35 AM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Sins of a Solar Empire Forums

Last 1 I really enjoyed was "Inherit the stars" (1977) by James P. Hohan.  A good syfy book revolving around finding out how an a man in a spacesuit ended up on the moon ~50 000 years before he should have been able to. Theres also a manga version of the series being made, although I do recomend the book instead (Less things omitted/changed).

There are a few points that dont add up, but you have to remember that the book was published in 1977 (written earlyer) and our knowledge has improved in the meantime. Some of these inconsistencies are explaned in the sequels. Still they dont ruin the book and you might miss them altogether. 

The second book in the Giants series (cant remember the title) was decent aswell. 

Anyone else enjoy reading eBooks using text-to-speech? Or is that cheating? 




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March 12, 2013 9:07:08 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

On my reading list for our next trip, in a few days:


Fletcher Pratt's The Well of the Unicorn. (Third time through.)


Graham Greene's Monsignor Quixote. Been wanting to read it for some time.

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March 15, 2013 2:16:57 AM from Brad Wardell's Little Tiny Frogs Brad Wardell's Little Tiny Frogs



John Steakley's 'Armor'.  A bit of a Starship Trooper type story, but much better told.

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