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Well, I think they are essential!

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Great Job on Fences 2 guys fully paid up member of loads of your stuff now, but Fences I can't live without.

I would love to see the portals working in such a way that you can navigate through your folders WITHIN the portal, you know with a back and forward like a standard Windows-Window. Saves having a new window pop up unnecesserily. Seems obvious to me this one.

Also - Individual Fence Icon Size - Handy for having your apps/shortcuts look larger than the rest.

I have a work VPN link and a portal created to a server folder, obviously it shows as empty when not connected, when I do connect I have to go to refresh to get the portal showing the folder structure, sometimes it soesn't work and I have to open the folder normally before portal shows it on refresh - can it automatically detect the network share and open? (Without doing something as interrupty as checking every Xsec)

You might like this one for it's simplicity. How about a nice logical alternative option for page flipping...


Different wallpaper per fences page.

And lastly, possible texture graphic for fences backgrounds?

If I've missed solutions built in please let me know.



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