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  1. GUI Layout
    1. There is not EULA in UI.  Do u expect user to browse Program Files, which is discouraged by Microsoft ?
      1. BTW, what is considered "main workstaton" ? I have one at work in office, and have one at home. They both are my workstations, around the clocktable.
    2. There is no support links. Neither forum nor e-mail nor issue tracker. For x.0 release with imminent toothing problems - that is not wise.
    3. The registration GUI is weird: i should provide mail+password OR mail+password+reg-key. That is non-sense. The second window is supposed to be used offline, when you can not check my password and should not demand it. You also should only demand if my e-mail was hashed in my reg-code. Most programs when asking for reg-code would not ask for user login, some would have - but none would ask for password.
      1. If you got login+pwd you need no reg-code - you just download it.
      2. If you got login+reg-code in offline mode - you do not need password and do not need to store it locally (hey, i may be unsure of computer security and not want my password kept on disk! )
  2. Registration. Like in http://forums.stardock.com/433810 - it does not work. I think it is related to passworded proxy. No error given (after re-download and re-install F2 gives me "you should select one of three options to activate" error box, but only once). Even it is is logged - as an end-user i cannot know about it. It looks like no event handler attached to the button. If i press "Trial" button it asks me to manually open web-page - so i think connectivity issue is the matter. If i manually launch SDActivate.exe - it just goes off, without any error reported and even without %ERRORLEVEL% set to anything but zero. So, two issues here:
    1. lack of activation
    2. lack of error reporting to user
  3. Localization - lacking, and i believe you know it.
  4. Desktop behavior - virtual desktops
    1. Folder dragging only is possible by one method. Given three ways to switch them - not enough. Especialyl lacking keyboard-only mode.
    2. Badly interacting with vertical taskbar. Taskbar on the left was very comfort option even in Win95. With Win7 it looks natural option of choice. http://i.imgur.com/S7O1K.png In Win8 it would by next to default mode. When i drag icon or fence to the left - i should precisely aim at the band before taskbar. That is not natural "scroll left to the limit" behavior, usually expected for page switching, it radically differs from right edge experience. I am afraid to imagine what would be if taskbar auto-hide enabled then. Perhaps you should switch to up/down scrolling then as a simple workaround... But since user can detach any number of panels and snap them to screen edges - that is more generic problem than just switchign scroll direction.
  5. Garbage in Program Files - there is that AVGTBInstall.exe file that should not be. Either install or skip it - but in both cases the installer file should be deleted at installation clean-up stage.
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October 15, 2012 6:17:52 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

I've unchecked installation of AVG also. But I found AVGTBInstall.exe (10.206.080 Bytes) in the program folder and some entries in the registry file. Is there a clean installation file for purchaser?

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October 15, 2012 7:02:09 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Quoting thomas-k,
I've unchecked installation of AVG also. But I found AVGTBInstall.exe (10.206.080 Bytes) in the program folder and some entries in the registry file. Is there a clean installation file for purchaser?

Downloads direct from the Stardock store / SDC would not include that.

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November 1, 2012 3:15:51 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

I just downloaded 2.0.1 installer - well, what can i say


2.2 Activation window had popped up at least and it did shown "error" statuses - though they were plain wrong. Instead of sincerely said that it cannot make network connection, Fences kept lying that my password is wrong (it is not - i just used it in Store to download the installer)

2.1 The activation still fails

1.3 It still asks twice for my e-mail + password. That is absurd!

new item - 2.3 Then it asks for offline activation. 

2.3.1 After all that Metro-style windows plain MessageBoxA looks ugly and out of style. It better provide read-only edit-boxes for user to freely copy text at his will, and/or "Launch" buttons by their side.  

2.3.2 However as of now it opens 2 folder in Explorer without any prompt - so as a user i have all my chances to close them - just liek we always do with unexpected spam popups. You should alert user beforehand of this behavior, so the he expected it.

2.3.3 Then... if you opened folder - it would also be consistent to open WWW page - but you did not. Instead i had to manually type in URL. Some users just do not know what URL is, by the way. That prompt would not be of any help to them. They would just no know what to do and what u meant by that "upload"

2.3.4 as a cherry for the pie - the activation page plainly DOES NOT WORK. How nice!

2.3.5 btw, activation page requires user to manually press "Browse" and search for the file. It is not only old-style - it is just plainly inconsistent again. You do two actions that are contradicting each other and cannot be connected. If you opened Explorer window - that means you asked for drag-n-drop operation. Then just do it. Like ImgUr.com and many other sites today - accept the dropped file. If you insist on Browse/Open sequence - then you should copy the full file path as text, so user would be able just to paste it into file open dialog filename field. 

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