Snagit 11 Updated for Windows 8

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Snagit is without a doubt the best app for capturing your screen, editing it, and then sharing through a variety of ways.  TechSmith released the Snagit 11.1 update today with support for Windows 8.

Updated in Snagit 11.1:

  • Support for Windows 8: Experience the latest version of Windows with seamless compatibility.
  • System Audio Recording: Capture the sound coming from your computer speakers and from your microphone. Useful for capturing things like a YouTube video or Flash game 
  • Customize Installation: IT professionals and system administrators can deploy Snagit to best fit their institution’s needs
  • Control Video Capture from Other Apps: Snagit’s COM server now supports video capture

This update is free for current Snagit 11 users, and more info can be found at their website.

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