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Hi all,

I bought sins trinity way back in 2009ish on impulse and installed it on my desktop I'm now in another country (so cant get on to my desktop and wont be able to for a while) and I wanted to reinstall the game on my new laptop the problem is my Stardock account shows no record of me ever having bought the game. Ive emails from back in 2009 for account validation but I don't seem to have anything confirming the purchase (odd in it's self as I usually keep emails of that sort). Stardock have asked for a serial which of course I don't have (I installed the game on my desktop but I think I still have impulse on it). In short does any one have any advice for me on how I could prove I legally bought the game? I'm thinking I'm probably screwed unless I can get the serial from my old desktop

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June 18, 2012 5:15:18 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

If you have Impulse installed then I think you can right click the game in Impulse and it will give you the serial.

You might also want to try installing Impulse on the laptop and see if that will show it to you as it may be there was a glitch and your Sins registration went with Impulse rather than Stardock.

sales@stardock.com are the best people to mail.  I would supply them with as much information as possible including name, address, e-mail address used, approximate date of purchase etc.

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