WMV apology and MPEG ?

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First I would like to apologize to the WC community, artists, and users for the resource hungry wmv Dreams I have posted.

I have designed a custom MPEG template in Sony Vegas Pro 10 that appears to encode superior output than I imagined possible for a 1920x1080 mpg. File sizes are much larger than my previous wmv's but are in line with other authors Dreams and conserve approximately 30% resources.

I seem to have one final hurdle. My Dreams created from MPEG do not loop smoothly (identicle clip from WMV does). I see a 1-2 second delay when the clip reaches the end. On very short loops this is quite annoying at the least.

This may be due to the software I am encoding with (Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d) or an intricate setting in my custom MPEG template. If you have any recommendations I would be glad to try them. The file quality I have coming out of Vegas is awesome but I may have to step back to square one and attempt using Super or TMPGEnc.

Special thanks to CarGuy1 and Amit for their guidance that got me this far.

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May 15, 2011 1:32:03 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

After testing many different encoders, encoding apps, and converters, I decided to stick with Vegas due to the final output quality. The short delay I'm getting at loops end was noticable in most all. By tweaking the bit rate and VBV buffers I was able to minumize but not eliminate it.

When my eyes stop bleeding I will pursue this further and will try to edit around it for now. I intend to test more when time allows and After Effects is on my wish list.

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