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Hi everyone.

I am working on a new project and I'm having a problem with Bootskin in XP PRO. My project is a hardware project in that I am making a modern PC within the case of the old Commodore 64 computer. The original keyboard, and joystick ports on the C64 will work and will be useable in the VICE emulator that will load up after XP PRO boots.

What I'm trying to do is to change the XP Boot/Logo screen to use a Commodore logo that I found. I have tried Bootskin in all three of its available forms. Apparently there were some problems depending on the manufacturer or the BIOS versions that the manufacturer may have used and this could cause Bootskin to crash the system on bootup. As I mentioned, I tried ALL 3 versions of Bootskin and all three caused the crash. What I wanted to ask is this...


1. Is there some alternative software that does still work with XP PRO and changing the boot screen?

2. When I installed XP PRO I also installed SP3. Would some change in SP3 cause problems with Bootskin? If so, If I was install XP PRO again with SP2 only would that allow Bootskin to work? The PC I'm building will be used for retro gaming for the most part, so issues like back doors or IE exploits won't be much of an issue since I dod not plan on including any network connectivity on this system. The system will be a retro Commodore 8-bit and Amiga emulated system that makes use of the original C64 keyboard and joysticks. The modern mini-itx PC inside has HDMI out so I can connect it to my HDTV. That is pretty much what I plan on using this computer for so if SP2 might be better to use than SP3 with compatibility to Bootskin, then I am prepared to reinstall XP PRO. I just prefer to get others advice before doing so. If I do go and reinstall only to find out that SP2 or SP3 doesn't affect Bootskins problems with XP PRO then I'd be bumbed because I'd have wasted my time reinstalling.


Anyhow, please let me know if anyone has any info and if there is another program or way to change the boot logo in XP PRO, please let me know.





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October 18, 2010 1:34:45 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

The only info I have for you is that Stardock does not supprot BootSkin for XP. It hasn't been supported for some time now. The other version, BootSkin Pro, is for Vista and will not work on XP.


I used to use BootSkin on XP, it was intermittent and sometimes I couldn't boot. So I quit using it.

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October 18, 2010 2:22:29 AM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Hi John,

just one question:are you able to start your PC at the moment?If yes,with which boot?If you already made some hardware configuration changes,it could be that's why boot always crash;I don't know.

However,to change boot in XP,if all 3 XP BootSkins version failed(that's why I think perhaps you made some changes in hardware configuration;I have got 1 PC with XP SP3 ,and I change Boot with no problem with Stardock's Bootskins XP)you can use TuneUp Utilities as well:TuneUp Styler tool.You can run it together with BootSkins XP as well;just apply the default boot in it,so Stardock's prog will get disabled,until you don't use it again to apply a boot.


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