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I made this crazy decision last year to leave all my friends in Virginia, stay home, and go to school at UM. I grew up in awe of the Maze and Blue, but for some reason the maze has turned yellow and the only thing blue is my attitude towards being here. I'm a pre-med and I don't really have any friends cause I did the practical thing and didn't move into the outrageously priced Ann Arbor. I was always told this was going to be the greatest time of my life. It's not. It's not bad, but it's not what I expected...I don't have a clue what I expected come to think of it. I knew I wouldn't know anyone, but I guess the magesty of Michigan blurred reality a little. To a select few's credit, I have, in recent days made a few friends. Good people. They get me to smile. But for all my homies in the 'Burg...nothing compares to a night of gaming and movie watching. Especially when it comes to ABS!!! I'm finding out that, more than anything, this blog is for me to get out the things that time and studying restrain. Slight regrets that everyone, admit it or not, has to live with. I've got a ton of those, and I'm sure in the future...given the time and this empty box that invites me to type...I'll get some of it out. Well, I'm feeling good now...I'm ready to take on Spanish. And tomorrow...Everest!!!
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