25 Greatest Movie Heroes

The bravest, strongest, most honorable men in film

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Next list! Best Heroes. Definition: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. These are the 25 Best Movie Heroes. Next will be 25 Best Movie Heroines. So, in honor of John McCain and Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill, here are bad-ass movie heroes who always save the day.

pic of Christian Kane

25. Hub- Christian Kane and Robert Duvall (Secondhand Lions): Why he's a great hero: You don't expect Secondhand Lions to be an exciting adventure when it features two old guys and their young nephew. But when young Walter hears stories about his uncle Hub and the adventures he encountered, we're introduced to a brave, eager, handome hero who can fight off twenty men, save damsels in distress and teach us lessons about honor and love. Most Heroic Moment: Busting in a sheik's palace and taking back the love of his life.

pic of Jason Bourne

24. Jason Bourne- Matt Damon (The Bourne movies): Why he's a great hero: He may be a former government spy and trained killer, but Jason Bourne chooses to be the good guy and ends up trying to protect all the god people around him. Able to beat up anyone and haul ass like no other, he's a bad-ass, but a good man. Most Heroic Moment: Protecting his gal pal in the first movie.

pic of Heath Ledger

23. William Thatcher- Heath Ledger (A Knight's Tale): Why he's a great hero: He's just an average medieval Joe who defies everyone and masquerades as a knight. But as a knight he proves his valor and honor and how more noble he is than anyone else with a mere title. From loving a noblewoman tenderly to sacrificing for others, William is the epitome of the knightly hero. Most Heroic Moment: Defeating the evil Count Adhemar even when he's severely wounded WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pic of Kevin Costner

22. John Dunbar- Kevin Costner (Dances with Wolves): Why he's a great hero: John Dunbar is the rare type of human being who actually puts people before him and does his duty no matter what. Relentlessly courageous, he's never afraid to protect the weak or fight for honor. He's the kind of man who made the West what it was. Most Heroic Moment: Fighting off the enemy Native Americans of his own Indian tribe.

pic of Will Smith

21. Steven Hiller- Will Smith (Independence Day): Why he's a great hero: Capt. Steven Hiller is the modern-day American hero. He's no nonsense, brave, bad-ass, doesn't care what you think, and positive. He never hesitates to do his duty or save the day or sacrifice his life. And he keeps his sense of humor. Most Heroic Moment: Without a second thought, choosing to go and blow up the alien spaceship himself, then bad-assly strutting back to earth like it was no big.

pic of Inigo Montoya

20. Inigo Montoya- Mandy Patinkin (The Princess Bride): Why he's a great hero: Well, he's not in the beginning. He's just a thief trying to make a buck by kidnapping the prince's fiancee. But when Inigo realizes being a bad guy is not for him and ends up helping the good guys he shines. He vows vengeance against the asshole who killed his father and boy, does he. Even with three stab wounds, he fights to the end and helps save the day. Most Heroic Moment: Finally killing the evil Count Rugen.

pic of Spartacus

19. Spartacus- Kirk Douglas (Spartacus): Why he's a great hero: Overcoming all of the terrible circumstances that befall him, Spartacus breaks the bond of slavery and creates a huge revolt, uniting all of the others enslaved by the Roman Empire. Brave, noble, honest and unwavering, Spartacus will not give up nor give in and will keep fighting for freedom til death. Most Heroic Moment: After his revolt is overthrown Spartacus tries to turn himself in, but his comrades won't let him.

pic of Neo

18. Neo- Keanu Reeves (The Matrix): Why he's a great hero: Again, Mr. Anderson doesn't want power or to save the world. He's just a normal guy who likes to go on the computer and chill. But then he's the Chosen One, the only one who can save the world from machinal destruction. It's hard, but Neo takes the challenge and accepts his destiny and fights for the right. Most Heroic Moment: Taking on the Agent Smith and saving the day.

pic of Madmartigan

17. Madmartigan- Val Kilmer (Willow): Why he's a great hero: He may seem like a cocky scoundrel (and he is) but when you need this guy to save the day, he does. Whether it means fighting off baddies or taking care of little kids, he does his duty and it makes him an even better man. Most Heroic Moment: Fighting off an entire army by himself and not complaining about it.

pic of Aladdin

16. Aladdin- voiced by Scott Weigner (Aladdin); Why he's a great hero: Aladdin was just an average, poor orphan with no money and no hopes, but after luck smiles down on him Aladdin gets the chance to prove himself. He may not be perfect, but when he is needed to do the right thing and save the day he does. Most Heroic Moment: Fighting off the snake Jafar (check out that move on the sword)

pic of Daniel Craig

15. James Bond- Daniel Craig (Casino Royale): Why he's a great hero: Is he a sly little devil who could charm the pants right off you? Yes. Is he unhesistant in killing? Yes. Is he a little more naughty than nice? Yes, but James Bond in this one (the best I think) is also a good man who is brave and noble. He may not look out for himself but he'll go to the ends of the earth to save his woman. Most Heroic Moment: Practically killing himself on his way to save Vespa.

pic of Bruce Willis

14. Harry Stamper- Bruce Willis (Armageddon): Why he's a great hero: It takes a lot of honor and courage to give up your life to save the world from destruction. Anyone who sacrifices their life to save the world and so their daughter can marry the love of her life is a hero. I'm just getting choked up thinking about it.

pic of Han Solo

13. Han Solo- Harrison Ford (Star Wars): Why he's a great hero: Han Solo doesn't seem like a hero or even a good guy, but when he gets stuck trying to save the world, he comes through. He fights off the bad guys and saves his friends and keeps his cool. He may be a cocky SOB but he always saves the day. Most Heroic Moment: Getting frozen in carbon-something or whatever and sacrificing his life.

pic of Wolverine

12. Wolverine- Hugh Jackman (X-Men): Why he's a great hero: He may untamed, uncouth, crazy as a bed bug and a little scary at times, but he will stop at nothing to protect and save his friends. His courage never wanes and he never hesitates to fight the bad guy. Most Heroic Moment: Fighting the evil Sabertooth and trying to protect his Rogue.

pic of Brendan Fraser

11. Rick O'Connell- Brendan Fraser (The Mummy): Why he's a great hero: This man has balls. He seems to never be afraid of anything and will fight anything you throw at him. With a good, honorable heart underneath his rough and bad boy demeanor, Rick is the kind of guy you want by your side. Most Heroic Moment: Pretty much everything he does in his attempt to save his love Evie.

pic of Zorro

10. Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro- Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro): Why he's a great hero: Uh, well, he strives to save and protect the great people of Mexico and California from the corrupt government and doesn't want to take any credit for it. Hmm...Humility, courage, honor, honesty and strength. That sounds damn heroic. Most Heroic Moment: Saving the enslaved workers at the gold mine.

pic of The Dark Knight

9. Batman- Christian Bale (The Dark Knight): Why he's a great hero: Even though no one appreciates him and the girl of his dreams doesn't want him and people hate him, Batman continues to do his duty. He knows someone has to protect the city from evil and destruction and he chooses to take up that challenge. He doesn't think twice. He just does his duty. Most Heroic Moment: About the entire movie.

pic of Jack Dawson

8. Jack Dawson- Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic): Why he's a great hero: He is possibly the most kind, most honest, most brave, loving, perfect man in cinematic history ever! Never hesitating to leave Rose behind, he watches over her and puts her life above his no matter what. He keeps his valor and his honor right until the end. Most Heroic Moment: Sacrificing his life so Rose can live.

pic of Jack Traven

7. Jack Traven- Keanu Reeves (Speed): Why he's a great hero: He may jest be the best damn cop ever. Although no one ever asks him to, Officer Jack Traven always takes the lead and saves everyone. He doesn't get paid a lot of money or rewarded all that much, but he keeps trucking and courageously puts his life in jeopardy every time to protect others. Most Heroic Moment: Staying with Annie on the train when she's trapped and he can get off.

pic of King Leonidas

6. King Leonidas- Gerard Butler (300): Why he's a great hero: He places his country's freedom above everything else so much, he's willing to take on millions of Persians with just 299 of his men. He's brave, crazy, and is a lot about honor and duty. We could only dream of such a leader. Most Heroic Moment: Giving up his life in the end so he can stop the Persians from taking his people.

pic of Indiana Jones

5. Indiana Jones- Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones movies): Why he's a great hero: He's Indiana Jones.

pic of John McClane

4. John McClane- Bruce Willis (Die Hard): Why he's a great hero: If there was anybody else around to save the day, he would let them do it, but since he's the only one he'll do it, because someone has to. John McClane doesn't have to ask questions or ask for help, he just does his job and saves the day. No big deal. Most Heroic Moment: Saving his wife and all her coworkers from Euro-trash terrorists all by himself.

pic of William Wallace

3. William Wallace- Mel Gibson (Braveheart): Why he's a great hero: The man is legendary for standing up against the British and fighting for his Scottish countrymen. Legendary. Why? Because any man that scarifices his life for the freedom of his people is a hero. And any man who does it because he's fighting for the woman he loved with all his heart is perfect. A man who believes in love, honor and freedom. Most Heroic Moment: Refusing to give in to the British, even while they're ripping his guts out.

pic of Aragorn

2. Aragorn- Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings): Why he's a great hero: In cinematic history, he is probably the most brave, honest, strong and kind hero of all time. He never thinks about himself, doesn't want power, always does the right thing and will fight the bad guy until the very end. He is pretty much perfect, actually. He's the perfect hero. Most Heroic Moment: All the three movies.

pic of Maximus

1. Maximus Decimus Meridius- Russell Crowe (Gladiator): Why he's a great hero: He fights for his family that was slain, he fights for the good Emperor who was murdered, he fights for Rome, he fights for freedom. Unwaveringly brave and honorable, Maximus is the greatest example of what a man should be. A true hero in every sense of the word. Most Heroic Moment: Giving up his life to free Rome from its evil emperor.


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