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My first blog! I am terribly excited!Okay, not that excited. Thatd be weird. Well, today I'm feeling like talking about film. I've been looking at countdown lists by Empire magazine and Entertainment Weekly, and I decided to make my own today. I've decided upon the 50 Sexiest Performances in Modern Film. I've gone through the hundreds of films I've seen and finally chosen the 50 sexiest performances by actors in film in the last twenty-something years. Shall I begin...

  • 50. Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal: Demi has always been hot, not necessarily talented, but very beautiful, but in this film I thought she was sexiest because she had a quiet and wounded beauty to her. She didn't look overly glamorous or sexed up, just an average beautiful woman. picture of Demi Moore
  • 49. Denzel Washington in Philadelphia: Again, Denzel is fiercely handsome and sexy, but in this film what made him sexy was that he was just a normal, married, good man who was fighting for what he believed in. But he was passionate about his client's case, and had a strong, resilient demeanor. That's sexy. picture of Denzel Washington
  • 48. Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich: Although pretty, I never thought Julia extremely sexy until I saw her in this movie. She was strong and had a great body and that mane of hers was perfect. She was a bit of a tough businesswoman, and that made her very sexy. She seemed attainable, but not at the same time. picture of Julia Roberts
  • 47. Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing: Honestly, what is sexier than a bad boy who can dance? Patrick was always sexy, but in this movie he was really in his element as a good/bad boy who could save a girl and make her feel bad. And his dancing? Any man who can dance has sexiness. picture of Patrick Swayze
  • 46. Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible: Tom was sexy (about four years ago before the weird Katie thing) and when he was he was hot. Remember Top Gun? Only one of the best films ever, except he had a bit of a unibrow. Not in this movie though. He was all man in this fun spy movie. He was in his prime. He was being lithe, smooth, Tom Cruise.picture of Tom Cruise
  • 45. Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity: Matt was a hottie early on, but in The Bourne movies he shwed us a side of us that was so sexy: he could kick serious ass! He was so sexy as a brooding enigma with memory loss but a perfect body and swift moves. I'd run from the whatever he was running from with him any day.                                                                                    picture of Matt Damon
  • 44. Mis Sara in Ferris Bueller's Day Off: You may be thinking this is a weird performance, but I always thought she was so sexy in this role. She was the perfect cool girl: sophisticated, beautiful, but not model beautiful, relaxed, and kind. She was the attainable cool girl next door. picture of Mia Sara
  • 43. Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves: Kevin was sexiest in this great epic because of so many factors. He had quiet strength and vitality, a hidden passion and leadership inside. He was pretty boy cute but manly, with his scruffy beard, but we caught a glimpse of that hidden stallion when he made love to Mary McDonnel's character. Who knew? I did.                                   picture of Kevin Costner
  • 42. Tia Carrere in Wayne's World: Tia was so beautiful in this movie, none of us bought that she'd date someone who looks like Mike Myers. She was sexy and funny in her own right and cool as that crazy, rocker chick, (although she sang a little like a banshee). But she had a dark beauty and firece spirit that were undoubtably sexy.                                                 picture of Tia Carrere
  • 41. Christian Bale in American Psycho: Yes, he was a total psycho in this movie, which does bump him off spaces, but oh my God did you see his body? His body was so tight....His butt...Oh my God, I almost forgave him for slaughtering all those people. Christian was so sexy in this role just because of that smoking body of his that we got to see so much of. picture of Christian Bale
  • 40. Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions: Again, another pyscho...Yes, she was a major diabolical bitch, but she was diabolical she was sexy. She was that bad girl,I-don't-give-a-shit bad girl who could rip you apart in seconds. It was interesting to see Sarah pull it off so well, too.picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • 39. Matthew McConaughey in A Time to Kill: Who can resist a fresh-faced McConaughey? Before he was a mega-star and not known for being a pot-smoking, bongo-jamming surfer, he was a young sexy talented actor. How more sexy could he be when he gave that heart-wrenching speech at the end of the film? A man with that type of passion and dedication is hard to find.                          picture of Matthew McConaughey
  • 38. Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns: Michelle was classic in this film. Before Halle Berry destroyed the villian in Catwoman, Michelle made her a sexy, crazy bad girl that made Batman melt in her hands. How can you forget that togue lick? That was bold. picture of Michelle Pfeiffer
  • 37. Matthew McFadyen in Pride and Prejudice: Some think Colin Firth was sexiest as the legendary Mr. Darcy, but unknown MacFadyen was perfect. He was brooding, tall, dark, handsome, quiet, and had a gaze that made your blood sizzle. And when he came down that hill in that waistcoat and cambric shirt? I was done for.                                                                picture of Matthew McFadyen
  • 36. Diane Lane in Unfaithful: Diane Lane is regal, beautiful woman, but in this movie we saw a very sexy, uninhibited side of her that was very intimidating. She was banging Oliver Martinez all over the place and still kept that beautiful, elegant way of her while acting like a whore. She was sexy and wild and showed us older women can be just as sexy as young chicks. picture of Diane Lane
  • 35. Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride: Cary was so perfect as the masked, dashing swordfighter with probably the best line in history: "As you wish". Hot ebough within itself. But Cary just proved more and more throughout the movie how delectable he was as a perfect hero. You can imagine what the film would've been like if it weren't PG. picture of Cary Elwes
  • 34. Nicole Kidman in To Die For: This is another bad girl performance, but Nicole is not just sexy in these roles. She's always beautiful, but she was bad-beautiful, like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions. She was diabolical, but had this sweet, innocent mask that hid her coldness and bitchiness. And the way she seduced Joaquin Phoenix was cold, but sexy. picture of Nicole KIdman
  • 33. Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films: Harrison is undoubtably sexy. In Star Wars he was hot and in Witness he was hot, but in these movies he was beyond hot. He was a charming, bad boy hottie with a quick mouth and a gruff exterior, but a hearty of gold. He saved damsels in distress and killed bad guys, nut was never annoying. He was himself, and that is sexy. picture of Harrison Ford
  • 32. Sophie Marceau in Braveheart: She wasn't a bad girl or glamorous or overtly sexy, but Sophie Marceau was beyong beautiful. She had a regal, quiet strength, but wondedness that was so fresh and vulnerable. She looked like true princess and acted like one even better. She managed to break hearts and spill her soul, and that was so romantically sexy.   picture of Sophie Marceau
  • 31. Bruce Willis in Die Hard: Bruce. He is just a sexy bastard. And in this film he was the best. He didn't give a damn, had a foul mouth, ran around in a wife-beater, and killed bad guys all in one night. A man that plays by his own rules and fights because he feels it's his duty is the definiton of masculine sexiness. picture of Bruce Willis
  • 30. Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: Although I think Keira looks a little too waifish sometimes, she looked gorgeous in this movie. And what made her sexy was her fiery spirit but innocence. She was eager for adventure and totally wanted Orlando Bloom (then again, don't we all?) and took care of herself. She wasn't afraid and didn't screah and whine like other damsels in distress. She held her own and got her man.                                                               picture of Keira Knightley
  • 29. Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man: What made Robert so hot in this movie? Was it his hot bod? Partly. Was it that he was a superhero? Kinda. No, it was because he was so damn charming and such a playboy. You didn't wonder at all how he got all those girls, because you were falling under his spell just like the rest of them. He used his mouth to get whatever he wanted and gave no apologies. Sexy. picture of Robert Downey Jr.
  • 28. Megan Fox in Transformers: The main reason Megan was so sexy in this boy fantasy was because, well, she's just hot. She's not necessarily special or talented in this movie, she's just lusciouslly beautiful. Her dark hair, her dark eyes, and amazing body were just too much to ignore. picture of Megan Fox
  • 27. Val Kilmer in Willow: Now I know most of you are probably asking what is Willow (an old 80s fantasy flick), but that's besides the point. Before Val was huge and then got literally huge, he was a cocky, sword-slinging piece of hot ass. He is the only man to this day that could pull off hair as long as he did. And his cocky, devil-may-care-attitude? So sexy. He was just the perfect bad boy hero. picture of Val Kilmer
  • 26. Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever: Nicole was the anti-damsel in distress. She was smart, slightly naughty, and quick. And she looked fabulous! She was incredibly sexy because she could hold her own againast the Batman and wasn't intimdated by him and didn't need him to save her constantly. She invted him to her place! She was the bad girl Batman had to fave from evil. That's way sexier than some weak little girl who constantly needs saving. picture of Nicole KIdman
  • 25. Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic: Although Leo is not overly masculine or ripped or even of legal age really in this movie, he is the most perfect man to ever walk the earth. He loves the heroine with all his heart and protects her and saves her from the horrible world. He's an artist and understanding and funny and beautiful. My God, he's just so perfect. And all these qualities make him undeniably sexy. picture of Leonardo DiCaprio
  • 24. Monica Belluci in Bram Stoker's Dracula: Although she is the film for little more than five minutes, this Italian bombshell sure leaves an impression. She is the perfect vampire bride: dangerously sexy, erotic, and almost evil. She looks like a pagan godess and says more in her movements (ahem...yeah) than she could ever in words. Oh...a.k.a she is the one in the middle. picture of Monica Belluci
  • 23. George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven: George is pretty much the definition of sexy in everything he does, but in Ocean's Eleven he is perfect as the bad boy Danny Ocean. He's charming, disarming, quick, and very dangerous; definitely not the boy to bring home to mom, but you couldn't care less. He's just to sexy to think about anything else.          picture of George Clooney
  • 22. Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Angelina is pretty much the sexiest woman alive, but in this movie we get to see more of the badass, she can kick your ass, side of her that is so appealing. Angelina is hot as a bad girl who doesn't need help and can fight boys all on her own. And that long pontail whipping around is hot.                                                   picture of Angelina Jolie
  • 21. Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone: Oh, Douglas. He was such a charming, cocky bad boy in this movie. He was a perfect wanderer, just treasure hunting and fighting bad guys, and looking so good doing it. He was so sexy as that hottie you meet in a whilrwind adventure and sweeps you off your feet and steals your heart. He was just perfect. And that voice. How sexy is that voice? picture of Michael Douglas
  • 20. Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled: She was perfect as the devil. She was hot, dangerous, naughty, British. Elizabeth was magnificently wicked as a sexy Satan with her cute little accent and beautiful body.Playing the devil is always sexy, but she was the best.     picture of Elizabeth Hurley
  • 19. Daniel Craig in Casino Royale: Bond might've been sexy before, but Daniel Craig made him so sexy it was almost wrong. With that flawless body and deep voice and those icy eyes, Daniel Craig proved the greatest and hottest Bond ever. Not only could he kill but he could comfort a woman (remember that scene in the shower) and make her melt. picture of Daniel Craig
  • 18. Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Phantom: Although not many saw this kinda low-class superhero flick, Catherine was smoking hot in this movie. She played the very bad and very sexy British girl. With a keen eye for Bad Girl fashion and the ability to do whatever she damn well pleased, Catherine was irrevocably sexy.                                                                                                         picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • 17. Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall: As the lion-maned, emotionally troubled Tristan, Brad proved to be a Greek god. The way he made love to JUuia Ormond or fought his demons or cried over his dead brother's body, was all perfect. Every movement, every wave of his glorious man was sexy. picture of Brad Pitt
  • 16. Keanu Reeves in Speed: Keanu was absolutely perfect as the good boy Jack Traven, a sexy, foul-mouthed cop who will do anything to save innocent lives and Sandra Bullock. With his muscled arms and dark eyes and dark lashes, Keanu fought crazy bad goys and swept us off our feet like it was no big deal.                                                                        picture of Keanu Reeves
  • 15. Christian Bale in Batman Begins; No doubt he's the best Batman ever, but he's also the sexiest. His pefect, chiseled, huge body and deep, throaty voice and wounded past all make him the best, most delectable man to ever put the batsuit on. Now, we just have to wait for that sequel. God, I can't wait. picture of Christian Bale
  • 14. Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge: There is no other way to describe Nicole's performance in the perfect movie Moulin Rouge than beautiful. With her porcelain skin and red lips and flaming red hair, she proved to be the most gorgeous, most vulnerable creature ever. She's to die for, although instead she dies. But that only makes her immortally perfect. picture of Nicole KIdman
  • 13. Robert Redford in The Way We Wre: Okay, he's Robert Redford, so he's sexy by nature, but in this weepie, he's just so golden. Although he's a WASP and a little flaky sometimes, he's so sexy with his golden locks and beautiful body and smooth manliness. That Barbra Streisand is a damn fool! picture of Robert Redford
  • 12. Johnny Depp in Chocolat: Johnny may be sexy in almost everything he does, but in this he just perfect as the Irish rogue Roux. He's a guitar playing, ponytailed creation of smoldering sexuality and passion. If only we could've gotten a good sex scene!         picture of Johnny Depp
  • 11. Antonio Banderas in Desperado: Yes. I know. He's just the definition of sexy. He's Latino. He's a great dancer. He's not gay. He's perfect. And in this fun action movie he is just...FINE! That sex scene with Salma? Maybe the hottest ever in cinematic history. He's just the most sexiest man alive. picture of Antonio Banderas
  • 10. George Clooney in Out of Sight: Every scene in this movie is prety much sexy. Doing what he does best, a bad boy with a good heart underneath, Clooney just smolders in every frame with fellow hottie Jennifer Lopesz. From the hot tub scene to the trunk scene to the hotel nookie scene, Clooney burns up and makes us want more.            picture of George Clooney
  • 9. Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Playing a badass always seems to work for Ms. Jolie, who smolders in this fun spy flick. With her great mane of dark waves and pouty lips, Angie is just a firece hottie. She can beat up her husband and make love to him, all like a lioness. picture of Angelina Jolie
  • 8. Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings: Possibly the manliest man to ever exist in film, Viggo plays the perfect man. Viggo is unbridled in war, a firece lion unleashing fury, but tender and warm and vulnerable as a lover, puuting all of himself in. With quiet strength and a great mane and a rough exterior, Viggo just makes my heart burn. picture of Viggo Mortensen
  • 7. Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Mask of Zorro: As a fiery, good girl with an amazing bod and gorgeous hair and face to match, Catherine definitely can hold up her own against Antonio. Together, their chemistry burns up the screen and makes us hot all over. They ere without question the sexiest couple on screen. picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • 6. Brad Pitt in Fight Club: He may just be a figment of the not-so-hot Edward Norton's imagination, but he is definitely the hottest imaginary friend we've ever seen. With that flawless body and amazing crew cut and arrogant, but cute cockiness, Brad proves to be so sexy it hurts. picture of Brad Pitt
  • 5. Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing: The accent may be a little thick and the film may be a tad campy, but Kate is ridicolously gorgeous as a Slavic vampire hunter. She is just so sexy with her dark waves and pouted, blood-red lips and corseted form. A girl has to reconsider her orientation after watching Kate, although Hugh Jackman helps to put you back to place. picture of Kate Beckinsale
  • 4. Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera: I don't care what you say, he was an amazing phantom and had a great voice. But the best part? He was burning up with raw sexuality? From the great, manly body that is so teasingly half-concealed to the deep, Scottish voice to the piercing eyes, he is the definitio of animal magnetism. picture of Gerard Butler
  • 3. Salma Hayek in Desperado: She's beautiful whatever she does, but in this film she proves that bookeepers can be hot. In her little pink dress with her beautiful black waves and her vuloputous body, she is the most gorgeous creature. And her chemistry with Antonio is blistering. Again, that sex scene is amazing.                         picture of SAlma Hayek
  • 2. Russell Crowe in Gladiator: Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. This unbridled, animalistic, scorching, beast of a man is beyond all hotness. He kicks ass, he leads the sheep, he defies the Roman Empire, and he looks damn good doing it. If only the film was really historically accurate and they could fight in the arena naked! picture of Russell Crowe
  • 1. Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro: Umm, have you seen this movie? Oh my God. He's the sexiest creation ever. With those dark eyes, dark skin, and God-molded face, he is the ideal Latin Lover! picture of Antonio Banderas
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nice list..

I think I agree with most of them. Thanks for reminding me of Gladiator.

Welcome to JU....

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