Tool Bar in XenoMorph from AlienGUIse does not work...Help

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Here is my problem. when i use the internet through my dsl i have 2 different ways i can do it.

one through the E for googles

second throught at&t for personal email.

now my question is when i go through the E i can use my file, edit and bookmark tool bar buttons just fine, but when i go through my at&t my file, edit, and bookmark buttons dont work and everytime i click on one of them the window diappears and i end up back on the desktop

So can someone please tell me how to fix?

Im using the XenoMorph desktop theme from the AlienGUIse from Alienware for my alienware desktop, but alienware says its stardocks and it says its from stardock and that someone here would know what to do about it. Please help i love this theme......

Thank you.
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